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There are several ways to install Beekeeper Studio on Linux systems.

Supported Architectures: x86-64 (most laptops and desktops) and ARM64 (Raspberry Pi).

We recommend using AppImage

We find they provide the most consistent experience across all Linux distributions.


AppImages can be downloaded and run directly on most Linux distributions without any sort of installation. This is great if you don't have root access, but still want to use Beekeeper Studio.

The AppImage distribution of Beekeeper Studio provides automatic updates.

Download the latest AppImage from the Beekeeper Studio homepage

If you want to integrate the AppImage into your system shell (so it appears in your Application menu), we recommend you install AppImageLauncher.

Apt / DEB

A repo is provided for Debian and Ubuntu 16.04+.

# Install our GPG key
curl -fsSL | sudo gpg --dearmor --output /usr/share/keyrings/beekeeper.gpg \
  && sudo chmod go+r /usr/share/keyrings/beekeeper.gpg \
  && echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/beekeeper.gpg] stable main" \
  | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/beekeeper-studio-app.list > /dev/null

# Update apt and install
sudo apt update && sudo apt install beekeeper-studio -y

Snap Store / Ubuntu Store

You can also install Beekeeper Studio through Snapcraft (also part of the Ubuntu Store). Use either the Snap Store link below, or install through the terminal.


Some features are unavailable in the Snap version of Beekeeper Studio due to the security model of Snap packages.

snap is pre-installed on Ubuntu 16.04+, and can be installed on Fedora, and Arch

View Beekeeper in the Snap Store, or install using the terminal:

sudo snap install beekeeper-studio

Font Rendering Issues

There are some font-rendering issues with Snaps on the latest version of Gnome with the snap version of Beekeeper Studio. This is only really visible in the file-select screen. Hopefully it will be fixed soon

If you see something like this, we recommend you move to the AppImage version instead.

Image Alt Tag
Font rendering issues in Gnome 3.38+ with the snap package

SSH Key Access For The Snap

Due to the Snap security model, you need to manually enable access to the .ssh directory if you want to use SSH tunneling.
Run sudo snap connect beekeeper-studio:ssh-keys :ssh-keys.

  • SSH Agent: Unfortunately, Snaps have no way to access your SSH Agent, so if you need to use the SSH agent we recommend you use the deb or AppImage version of the app.

Wayland support (including fractional scaling)

Beekeeper Studio fully supports Wayland (tested on Gnome only) with fractional scaling too.

If you are experiencing a blurry app UI using Wayland mode and fractional scaling -- enable native wayland mode below.

However Wayland native mode is not enabled by default due to the issues with Nvidia drivers and wayland renderers (womp womp).

To enable wayland native mode create a ~/.config/bks-flags.conf file. This idea is copied from the AUR implementation of code-flags for VSCode in the visual-studio-code-bin wrapper.

Enabling Wayland support

  1. Create ~/.config/bks-flags.conf
  2. Add flags to enable wayland support
# create the file
touch ~/.config/bks-flags.conf
# add the flags
echo "--ozone-platform-hint=auto" >> ~/.config/bks-flags.conf
echo "--enable-features=UseOzonePlatform" >> ~/.config/bks-flags.conf