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Create & Modify Table Structure

Beekeeper Studio lets you CREATE and ALTER database tables with a user-friendly UI without having to write any SQL.

Creating new SQL Tables

At the top of the entities list in the left sidebar, click the + button to open the table creation interface.

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On this screen you can add and remove columns from your new table, then click create table in the bottom right

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Adding an autoincrement column

For new tables we automatically include an autoincrement primary key column to streamline the process of creating a table with a primary key that automatically increments. This is consistent across all database types.

You can add as many of these as you like.

Adding a primary key

You'll probably want to set a primary key on your new table, by default we select the id column as the primary key, but you can check multiple columns and Beekeeper Studio will create a compound primary key.

Creating indexes and relations

After creating your table you will be able to add indexes and relations, but this is not available until after initially creating the table.

Finally - creating your table

Click CREATE TABLE at the bottom right to create your new database table automatically.

You can also click Copy to SQL rather than create table to open the generated CREATE TABLE syntax in a new sql editor tab, so you can edit it before applying it.

Altering an existing table

Right click any table in the sidebar and click View Structure to view and edit the table schema.

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This view works much the same as the table creation view, except you also have options for modifying indexes, relations, and triggers.

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Note: Some database engines don't support some types of schema modifications, in these cases Beekeeper Studio will provide a warning and that feature will be disabled

SQL Table Creator Preview

Want to play around with our table creator code? You can use the online version of the table creator on the SQL Tools website here. This is a stripped down version of our built-in table creator and cannot create your new table, but rather provides you with the generated SQL to download.