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# Who is behind Beekeeper Studio?

Beekeeper Studio is built and maintained by Matthew Rathbone and Gregory Garden. You can learn more about them on the Beekeeper Studio website (opens new window)

# What data does the app collect about me?

None. We don't collect any telemetry or usage data from you when you use the app. It's none of our business (opens new window).

The only 'dial-home' the app does is to check for a new available version. This simply checks the releases page of our GitHub repository (opens new window) and is not recorded by us.

# How do you make money?

We don't. The app is 100% open source and free. We will never hide any core database GUI features behind a paywall.

That said, we do want to work on Beekeeper Studio full time. So there will be some sort of way to support us in the future, stay tuned!

# Why do you spend time building a free app?

We love writing software, and we love using nicely crafted software. When building apps and websites, we've suffered through one too many clunky database interfaces, so decided to do something about it.

# Why make it open source and not just free?

The tools and databases we use are all open source, and we think they deserve quality open source tooling to go with them.

Also, are commercial freemium apps ever really free? We don't want you to think we're collecting your personal information or stealing your company secrets. We don't ever want to do that (opens new window). Data privacy shouldn't be a privilege for those who can pay.

# What third party data collection tools do you use?

On our website (not in our app) we pay for Fathom Analytics (opens new window) to record user visits in a totally private and anonymous way. We also host the website on Netlify (opens new window).

We don't use any data collection tools in the app.