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Purchasing a License

You can purchase a Beekeeper Studio license from the pricing page.

Licenses are issued to people, not machines. So buy one license for each individual person using the app. Compare plans on the pricing page

Lifetime Access

Whether you choose an annual or a monthly subscription plan for Beekeeper Studio, you're eligible for a lifetime usage license. This means you gain perpetual access to any version of Beekeeper Studio released within your subscription period, allowing you to use the software indefinitely without any additional payments.

Annual subscribers get lifetime access right away

Suppose you start an annual subscription on March 10, 2021. You'll receive a lifetime license for any version of Beekeeper Studio released until March 10, 2022. Even if your subscription ends, you can continue using any of these versions forever.

Monthly subscribers get lifetime access after 12 months

If you opt for a monthly subscription and complete 12 consecutive months, the same benefit applies. For example, if you begin your monthly subscription on March 10, 2021, and maintain it through March 2022, you'll have lifetime access to versions released during this period, even after you cancel your subscription.

Why Our Subscribers Stick Around

Our customers are head over heels for the lifetime license, but there's more to Beekeeper Studio that keeps them subscribed:

  1. 20% Renewal Discount: Stay with us beyond 12 months and receive a 20% discount on future subscription payments.
  2. Ongoing Software Updates: As a subscriber, you'll have immediate access to all new features and updates of Beekeeper Studio.
  3. Access Cloud Storage and Team Workspaces: Enhance your productivity with cloud storage and collaborative workspaces.
  4. Guaranteed Email Support: We're always here to help, ensuring your experience with Beekeeper Studio is smooth and enjoyable.
  5. Price Lock: Your subscription price is locked in, even if we increase our pricing in the future. (which we should because it's pretty cheap!)

Why We Only Sell Subscriptions

Subscriptions allow us continue to provide updates and maintenance for things like new databases releases and new operating system requirements. It also allows us to invest in new features and enhancements to the app.

You can cancel your subscription anytime but you'll no longer have access to the latest improvements.

One Time Payments

We do not offer one-time payments for Beekeeper Studio

NET Terms and Master Services Agreements

For purchases of 20 licenses or more we support NET-30 payment terms and custom MSAs. contact us for a quote if you are interested.