Browse and Edit Table Data

View, search, and modify your database table data using our built-in table explorer.

Double click a table in the left sidebar to open an Excel-like interface for viewing and editing the data.

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Editing Data

Note: Beekeeper only supports editing tables with primary keys.

Beekeeper has a unique design that ‘stages’ changes before applying them, so you can make multiple changes to be applied inside of a single transaction.

Staged change types are indicated by color:

  • Green - new data to be added
  • Red - data to be deleted
  • Orange - data to be updated

To commit a change, click the Apply in the bottom right of the screen. To discard the change, click Reset.

Warning: Sorting or filtering the table during editing will discard your staged changes.

Editing Options

  1. Click a cell to edit the contents
  2. Right click a row and select clone to duplicate the row
  3. Right click a row and select delete to delete the row
  4. Click + in the bottom right to add a new row

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